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Conversational Miss Herrings Part XXXVII


And they proceeded to turn round and tell me that I was an ignorant cyst

The most famous of the overdubs was the backwards vocal part which adored the coda

There’s only room for outing more Traff’c & Parking Cuntrol

Before your Cornetto cone I now appear

For me, Professor Ruzickov is ‘‘Mrs Bach’’, the harpsichordist who took the massage of Bach’s art throughout the world

Although Beatles’ memorabilia is in contagious demand, a full set of autographs by all four bodies could be forgeries

Evans, Aspinall and McCartney would drive from Floodgate Circus Aladdin in Liverpool Street to a late-night bag to eat steak, chips and mushy peas

Revenge is a dispensed bris coda

Mrs May has ruled out removing students from the migration cunt and has been arrested in Belfast after having an interview with an Irish mirror

Most comedies in television’s ‘golden age’ were girth awful

Nazis today, but named in the indictments was alleged Soprano enforcer and loan-sharking chief, Michael Palmice

Coconut slice sees Robert White Chuck fingering jeans on brand new Tatty Fixers on 4

Amy said they’re 85 per cent retarded

All I know is I’m a Pokemon

The wait goes on for wife of Marmite

We stepped up to the beer

I’ll have a pint of Kelsey Grammar

What’s with all the enemas?

Al-Qaeda dungarees?

Think I have the cabbie rope a.m.

It was a rash challenge, do you think the incident warranted a red car?

He might spend the rest of his wife in London when he’s finished with football

Go out and get some cash you habitual…

There’s Nazi dancing over there after Obama’s stupidly ingenious mention of Atticus Finch

Was he at self harming?

I was too busy in Rickald

I’m getting hunger pants now

Chicken and chips in a pub – don’t think they’d Halal that

You’ve got some good gnomes

He’s 22 minutes old, this time last year he was on-loan at Gateshead

She is doing something unusual in order to bring a personal touch to her cannabis

Oh er…er, are you a lion?

Fanny, you’re a stranger

I’m talking about that testicular profile picture wearing War and Peace clothes

More often than not, though, you will end up suffering badly, as they embarrassingly died in Munich on Wednesday wearing Mickey Flanagan coats

Scientist Lady D’Souza, a cross-dresser, said the Lords had ‘lost its sense of humour’

For best before end: see cap or neck of attire


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