Conversational Miss Herrings Part XXXVI



I thought I saw Luton bringing some rain along the Nazi ghosts

He got it from my cousin match

Paper mullet it’s Jimmy

He’s not to be real, the coconut snow cunt

Careful of the genitalia

The number of eligible voters casting the vote in this cunt test is five-hundred-six thousand four-hundred-thirty-eight

Ass received

You didn’t live through the bum inquiry as a reporter

But no Klinsmann of Herschel’s can defend him potentially calling open your arse or with a spirit dead

Miss Lonesome’s in the arsehole of everyone you meet

And Alf Inge-Haaland she ain’t what she seems

MP calls for Heathrow railway link to weirdo

I wanna go to the new bell sun, but I’m Ronnie Lane for the train

Using the beeper is more like Mind-fuck meditation, he tells me

I have a degree in Sympathy for Retiring Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

Throwing Vardy shots like he’s Rocky Balboa!

Do you want the orange with juicy boots or the pineapple?

Farty dresses & light mix?

More racists to go, can they be caught by the BBC Hate Correspondents the Coo Clocks Clan

Shall we play something linencholic?

Man United have got a freaky Harrod’s in nice bridge

Just when we thought he really got something going vegan with Carmel, he’s suddenly putting a smile on Belinda’s face

It was the final nail in the coffee and it took me a long time to forgive them

I was having beer, trimming my beard when you messaged me

So if you really love me, say yes, but if you don’t, dear, confess and please don’t tell me poo haps, poo haps, poo haps

Jose is Mourined and Mourooned in his hotel talking about Beth Tweddle…

Keep that latter safe

Marcus Big Knob is expected to take over

What impresses me most is he’s not a one-trick pony-tail

The Asian monsoon arrives – the binger of life and the destroyer

It is a journey of discovery, a modern-day pyjama

I’ve eaten an entire crocodile orange

The grisly disco was made in an area very close to the M53 in Ellesmere Port earlier today

Two inches of snow that feel today leave motorists stuck in parts of northern England and Scotland

Somewhere red that the greatness of America is the right to protest far-right!

I really wanna spell some shit on leather

Down syndrome outside

Yasser Arafat’s here

It was a Paki of ideas like Alan Brazil’s sports bra

Louis is my Remi Garde

Some 83 bodies are to exhumed and consumed

Restaurant Quality Males straight from your kitchen

The following day, they were filmed in the studio playing three queer numbers that were unsuitable for the open air

Poch has finesse doubt over Kane for big week

Seriously, that is sexified squid

Football referring is a joke this year

God knows what this dough ball was about, it was a free bee from the chef lol

More Nazis to come



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