Conversational Miss Herrings Part XXXIII

night owl 2

What flood comes from the sea?

Andy shared a video of someone with a harp problem

A new Stuart Pearson dies every week

Koscielny homes in on gory charge

Wan’ an extra ‘break the ice’

Dates are good for one ear

And we’ve all considered the gin for about five minutes

Twitter’s stock price has fallen 38 per cent since Mr Dorsey retired to the microwave last year

Smoothies put out Forest fire, so stop moaning about the balding over the line, have snake alarms and shine like the whore universe is you

Is the pioneer shop still there warning Moroccan spices?

They sacked deep for butt love for five days on the Colin Murray Show

Then the girl raped me on my foot, followed by some 25,000 supporters, who, aided by 5,000 of the Marianne Faithful, broke the ground’s attendance record

The Murray Mints have dealt with mountains of rubbish at a gala fisted by Charles, both having a brolly good laugh

Here with me is England scum-half Kieran Brackett

de Valera moved to repeal the External Relations Act but a general erection in February 1948 saw him lose orifice after 16 years in power

Dr. Mohan Marijuana stated why he’s going on strike: ‘‘We are here to say Thai doctors are not good doctors’’

Fencing Supporters Guaranteed: Enough is Enough

Mike Ellis has been guitar for the past two weeks

He lives in a blind woman, so take your bra and panties off, juicy Ella Donna

Deciding what erection to take with your pension can be nerve wracking, especially when reading hospital comics and Ebola Magazine

The communist air-borne insect is constantly putting pictures of his back flies on Instagram

Was he the one-eyed man?

Did someone say ‘‘Camaford’’?

There has been president drizzle since dawn and no sign of the sun

War and Peace ends at the nesting thumb

Was disappointed they didn’t show much of the whore

Maximum weight for printed papers is 2kg to Canada and Cantona

Wankstein started off with cock sucking then would give me different erections to listen to

Everyone’s convicted we need to have total focus to have a chance

He’s tainted well

‘‘I love taking people to parliament’’ said Mr. Goldsmith – ‘‘you can take an eight-year-old or an 80-year-old and they will just jizz with excitement’’

Who’s got the tape gun?

I think the gannet’s got it

Ground control to Mao Tse-tung

He’s in doggy Devon rip xx


It’s a springboard for people with an incest, like a photographic scrapbook

We’re gonna seam each other on Saturday by valium’s Catford bus garage

How do we approach the jewellery on this one?

Googleless driver crashes near HQ

The flooding was marvellous


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