Conversational Miss Herrings Part XXXII


I have sex with flowers

Oh, bloody vegans chinny chin chin

Sports minister should be a role model

Anyone for branded Chewits?

I am the most beautiful boogie bear in Neil Young’s rear to rear fur ants

Cor, how many boxes of chocolate have you got?!

Sepp Blatter has been banned from all football nativities where the Taliban’s mates are big gains

Part of their courageous hair loss down Romford of Wolf Street

He was very versatile as a player, also bird-orientated and loved his books, so he was devastated when he started going thin on top

What turned women against him was when he went with a press-titute when his wife was pregnant

Forgettable Sarah Marshall appears on Good Morning Brixton

Wanking up and seeing her face

I went to the depressing room and did my usual thing – played it down a bit

I’m going through the storms for the weekend



Is that the cheese dragon now?

Winter Sade: up to 50% off, featuring the biggest outdoor prats

We must have more harmonium in the dressing room

Cricketer is fined for chucking up a journalist

He’s known to be a Muslim convert going by the name of Samantha Bra

It’s time to pee yourself off the sofa

Remi Garde wanna piece of me, BOOM!

I know where the bubble bath is

I’ve got the methadone

What we have here is a rape that may or may not have hit her head

Everything in the Charleston sounds the same now

I’ll do my breast to provide a platform for those without the information

Ste is a moran from the global snooze room that’s based on a fat white duck

Lionel Messi sends Chilean warning to Arsenal

Just a few more and he’ll be their record goal skewer

When he was on the bitch he knew where everybody was around him

I spoke to the fools panel earlier and they said Arsenal won’t win

It’s Pussy FM today with ‘everything changes my tune’

Man clearing snow falls over for NME seconds and a lame lime dick

The semi-precious stone Blue Stone is a two bed scooter house to what carrot?

Tomorrow I’m gonna llama around

That wasn’t owl intention

We’re also looking for the year David Haye made his professional Hebrew

Do you like Herreira in that sexual role?

I’m here with the smelly one and Fleet Street’s finest

Funnily enough there was a photo of him and a woman from Grease saying they looked alike, and just a few days before I was thinking how she looked like my anus and should have sent off Declan Rudd for his professional debut

A condom has also been set up while forensics comb Abbs Cross Gardens for evidence

We’re going to make you fit in the fridge. Let us sleep together

For all bonkings & enquiries please contact – jade@bold-management.com


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