Conversational Miss Herrings Part XXXI



Hello, just wondering if you’re still interested in the video ranch

When the sun hits your face you feel good about your faith

Ready to go terrorist?

The British Government announced last week they considered there to be a ‘‘high threat’’ of terrorism in Israel and warned terrorists to ‘‘take extra care and be vigilant when using public transport in Tel Aviv’’

Scenario 2: Platini is banned, or is so damaged he is unable to stand in the erection

Regardless of ego, he doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere

When he was 17, I said he would play for England as he has a very poorly developed sense of humour

The Abu Dhabi state in which Mansour is such a key political figure, constantly looks to expand businesses into new sectors in new terrorists as it prepares for a post-oil world

He’s a bad moyle

I don’t want no mole

The ball swerved and had bigger baps than he thought

If I was rice enough, I’d sit for a portrait and give it to people as presents

I ordered a bottle of her dinner, Paedophiles & Sons

Vomiting reminder! Don’t forget to vote Lady Gaga for Favorite Sci Fi/Fantasy Actress at the end of 2016 People’s Choice Awards

We need back-up, we need Batman and a Bony bin full of shite

They should have put that show on five years ago, bunch of idiots at that nutwork

Chelsea boss not panicking after latest humbug

I worked for crispy tea

To my baby girl, I’m beyond worms

Fern Britton opens up our Gustavo then saw an orgy talking to me

We had stuff like Nutty Hill and the Brixton riot for six months, including the Tit Nations

His bark is emasculated, I think it’s something to do with the internet and the yellow man of custard

University challenge is no Panini for Roberts

As Sooty said, it’s a set-up, just genital nail varnish

Anyhow, he will only miss a mum

I love ionide


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