Conversational Miss Herrings Part XXVIII


Cold got niggers running

Bareback? We did that last year

I forgot I’ve discarded pus here

Hernandez is a pen shitter

He leaves his cubic head on the outside and 1 hard disk heavily pregnant

She got her burka and spinach belt stuck in the door

Salad is very topsy turvy and I’m very punchable as a boss


I didn’t know Emmanuel Frimpong’s cousin was an evil businessman –

takes his lead shoe off as he shits off

Regarding Derby fans, they were raping about him

Very well persecuted semi studio flat with own open palm kitchenette fridge freezer with inclusive water rats and fat retarded cocoa powder

You might not wanna stay down there because of my cheese sticks

It was quickly established that, even in the dead of night, there’s no such thong as silence

Don’t mess with Gary Lineker; just rattle that luck for WKD vinegar and a warm leather hat

For centuries, London had one contribution to the world of gastronomy

Then we inverted fish and chips

Don’t worry, the chicken shit wasn’t real

But beans are under threat

Cycloastragenol stops you from Asian

The weather was cock-blocked and tastes like rainbows and a picture of a pizza that used to be an owl

Take Manny’s ketchup and love like a glove

He didn’t understand what risky was, the New York compilation where he documents his shit

I know he don’t stink, but I tread on his moustache and the summer dress cunt

Please exacerbate the borders

Dennis, I take it, is tonight’s referee

He’s won three out of two and starts the day with fart-back graphic novels

There are clothes dying in the midday sun on top of the huts made from cow dung

His carbon fibre motor, which has a top speed of 196mph and personalised number plateau is said to have suffered thousands of pounds worth of damage and to have been impounded by peace at a specialist garage in Manchester

There is an ass in New Orleans they call the rising sun

Benny Hill and Denver get results

I hate sports massage

I used to play The Simpsons

I’m gonna start Camden

How’d you do counselling?

I want you cos I’m Mr. Fame

So don’t be late and don’t do goats

It’s related to the penis fly trap


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