Conversational Miss Herrings Part XXVI

blue man edited


Toss pot news and travel:

When cats try to sleep in my head,

coons are skipping the decade of bum album

So Brighton someone’s day with a video message

This isn’t a group of players that were inhaled

She’s a better boy

He’s got the filth in his club and is shatted

The Old Royal Nasal College is taken over by Greenwich+Docklands International Festival

Whenever I follow you, you’re in your mum

I can’t be like rest of the most

He says he hasn’t changed bulbs, but maybe his audience has

Gladys Knight had found her own sound before she sighed with Motown

as Fulfillingness’s First Female

Their appearance at Manhattan’s fictitious Theatre

drew a set of over-thirty baby boomers, ex-preppies and hippies, post-teenage blacks, and veterens of sixties peace/equality campaigns of both colors

Operation (1), carried out on an automatic Playstation (2) example: opening of a service door

The atmosphere was far-right for Gamble and Huff and producer Thom Bell to turn Philly into a latter-day soul center

He stayed home, he says, and ‘‘tried to be a father’’ to his three surviving songs from his first marriage

Adding that when Leon was shagged in all his troubles, James took pains to talk with him and enter fart competitions

They stole 122 mail sexists

I had a chain dinner jacket, chain shirts, even a chain tux nails

Add up the cost before you die then be unhappily funny

Anal Britain erupts in spontaneous, delirious celebration at the massive mole just outside Mustunk

You have absolutely no idea Lily Savage is on the open market

It’s now easier to make customers’ wet dreams come true,

with the party turning into an absolutist, monarchy or personality cunt that’s a smaller size for Easter storage

I saw some executioners at Live Aid

who have been given 120 hours of community service for a late night ball

I don’t splashback on TalkTalk’s suede fringe Blackpool because

Sammy, you’re my best ice cream

You always go for grape


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