Conversational Miss Herrings Part XXV


I’d get liquor in the air when we scored

As Dyche kept the same tide

Have you had a shipment of Rush Green?

See The Beatles’ chef wed to mice eggs

Relegation scrap was always going to be horny

Disappointment fingers fairy cakes to fake tits

It’s their way of saying thank you to the much oiled case of Joyce

Attitude is everything in bum sports

Shirt lifters of the world unite and wear conversational jackets

It looks selfie

Somewhere the circles of meaning articulate enough gravity to coalesce

being sexually assaulted between December 2013 and this moth

in safely beds,

the best thing since slight bread

Took a while because of brown people

If you like Weetabix you’ll love this drink

Kelly Reilly Sikh stunning gets sexier with angel

Archibal Hard, Author of ‘‘The Command of the Sex’’ was sent to sabotage school to train with pathetic explosives

I was also given suicide pills to hide in my nipples

For our cock, it is THE game!

Barely seen photos of Yoko Ono and John Lennon

in the impotence of being earnest

Winners think and lose in wine

It’s a bitter pill I swallowed, dear

You cursed my dirtier, my beautiful dirtier

EXTREME NAZIS: Beautiful Nazi care for ladies and gentlemen

It is a very uptight family, very helpful

I watched the first fart of that Mafia documentary

But I think it’s the people you grow a lot with who tend to be your real one-night stand friends

Keeping their clothes to my heart

Hookers 55-62 years 350

Rape me when I die at Satan’s Whispers

When you shit my life the Waterglades exploded

He’s shitted in one goal for the past year

Gonna get tickets for sumo tonight

Carcass of rain likes a tree called banana

Do you become bitter over the Grand National over time?

Racists coming on as Interpol bring their bland of moody rock n roll to California

Your teachers were harsh with your writing, yet you always had the brewery to do your art

regardless of spaghetti garage

What dreams did you do when hay swimming?

The Deputy Prime Minister vetoed legislation on voting boundary changes –

which would have been favourable to his Coalition panthers

He did all right against a gimp today

cave fighting Futurama’s summer potatoes

Ipswich were a resilient brunch

But Swindon will have to settle for a place in the players’ oven-heated penises

That’s what you want from your wives’ players


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