Conversational Miss Herrings Part XVIII

I listen to their Oreo books/It’s like the changing of the seasons and the tides of the semen/My mate carries a moped round in case he mishears something/The other night she stole Terry’s cussing CDs and watched a documentary on Fidel’s cash flow/Citizen’s grave is a funny place to have a blocked duck watching some tomato game/My shit is stripy and I have glasses at the bar/The cherry shot tastes very thinthetic/I swear they put no balls in my drink/You should go up to him and sing fuck the seagulls/While Arsenal is favourite to pass the play-offs, the extra games will take their trolls on the Afro fitters/To the city of sock ‘em where Kelis performed tracks from her curly themed album, we need skilled hamsters in the criminal justice system/They’re Tories for critical reviews/I’ve never seen such a colourless substance as that of Gwyneth Paltrow’s gnawing/You don’t know how high when you get that high/Strip your business, I don’t want my son growing up on a nanny on the run with the Mad Professor and the African Head Change/Big man in a dress looking to rape my mind/One ‘ump a day keeps the doctor away/I thought that was a Nazi collecting glasses then/I drank my sister there once at my cousin’s kid she smoked 5 shelter skelters/There’s certainly been a lot of lolz in this round/They had an album called LOL Letters, which was a perfect hoop/The God days are over for the LMAO sandwich/There’s funeral decent pubs in this area/BOLDLY BLONDE INTENSELY PREGNANT SPICY & FRUITY at BLIND BLING’S HAND CAR WASH FROM £5/Extinct animal suspended/Women hold 20.7%of bearded positions in FTSE 100 companies, up from 12.5% in 2011/The William The Euputh of Diamond Cat carpets/There was a great Panorama programme on the shagger of the stadiums/I don’t want your dirty kid/Cillit Bang! And the gurner’s gone!/The owl has come/The tent is rank/I’ve got my heart in my mind/That’s Ivor’s cat stress/I gave my addresses away to clouds, but everyone hung in there under petty extraordinary circumstances/Eat This, Never Die Again! Learn How Here/MUST learn to shit


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