Conversational Miss Herrings Part XVII

Later, we’ll have the fucking pie and do the cabaret/Why not cover sea covered semen in your own way with a great Matt Goss?/We’re gonna shave our legs, we’re gonna do the thing tonight drunk on Monkey Boulder and Pikesville Straight Are Whiskey at WANKERS CAFE/If that’s the case then Beyond Retro should pay my bus fart/Been eating garlic all week and defo not shitting this cold/It was the consistent referee who gave it/He’s the favourite cos he’s the rapist, obviously/I add two small papers to make it Tulic shaped with shitting fists and who’s got toffee boards/As of nits week we’ll stop sending stuff to Cheshire Street because of my Sikh’s friend’s tattoo of a crap dungaree/Everyone keeps saying I’ve lost weight, but I’m eating wool and Psycho Tarot readings/I made some toilet duck who loved herself out of her house/Upon you is a melon and no drinky, pa/A difficult therapist to walk on/Driggits and syphilis please/An Egyptian rat with a gun in his hand/Horley: see posteurs, Haloumi and honeymoon tomato from Mr Samdwich/Got some goat blood/An asshole must-see at all ear one/Quality Surveyor at BAM Nuttall/London was the centre of the southern soul scene, based on new funk and jazz-funk tunes, with their own swaying dances and a very distinctive style of dress, which soon came to be boiled eggs and wedges/David’s camera cares about people/H was on a blind state, he’s really AIDS/I’ll make a gnome of that so I remember/My sister city have a game in hand, which I think is the band and the hamster/Herpes, Louis Vuitton Outlet Up to 75% off for All Herpes/Pass the psychic burger/No Dogs at a Push/Muir has a stupid Elvis/Slip in the scabs, a glorified Persian rugged pervert on the pelican/He painted a giblet of filth, so he’s very autistic/There was a dickhead of festivals/She’s going on an arousement of Mexico/Hey, Soho, give me a chair!/And microwave the debates/Keep on cacking on with blue vanity gel and S.K. Catering Spillers/Like a penis in the ground let them play/He’s a pac man, he’s a pac pac man/Ready to cock!!! Superstitious Duo gig/Every alternative view is disgusting in private/Cunt a little dust in the eye/Slow suite entrance with cunt hangers dealing with the psychology of heroines on heroin/I feel like I could suck on dog shit today/Today’s a good day not murdering people/I’ve lost my face to the eye of a walrus at Birkbeck teaching Tim’s pet shark/I want the cover to be pasta blue/A great pub that sells crap beers/You know the ones we put into Ken Loach yesterday, can you send them to Brandy?/We’re happy people, we’re having meat balls at the Clone Management centre/No one looks like a RAPE victim. But if it happens, the heavens can support you/Lights on the tea bag/I had an apple in the bath for three days/So camp David will be longer than the youth in Asia which kills you should he see out the three more bouts in his Showtime deal, he’ll finish his cancer next autumn on 49-0


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