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What is it with West Brom and strikers?

West Bromwich Albion v Aston Villa - Premier League

West Bromwich Albion don’t seem to have much luck with strikers do they?

In January last year Peter Odemwingie wanted to leave the then Europa League hopefuls (‘Europa League hopefuls’ – now, there’s a phrase that is not often used) for bottom-of-the-table and eventual relegation casualties Queens Park Rangers somuch that he drove down to London and tried to complete the move himself.

Or at least convinced himself that it was already done. The loan spell of last season’s top-scorer Romelu Lukaku came to an end and he decides not to make his move permanent.

Then there’s Nicholas Anelka – a player of decent quality, still – but set to be either banned for a large number of matches for making the racist ‘quenelle’ gesture or part company with The Baggies completely.

On the subject of this scenario, if you support someone so much that you make a sign in order for that person to see and feel your support, then you must know enough about them to be aware of certain things in their life like, say, high-profile fines (seven and counting) for defamation, insult, hate speech and racial discrimination – those kind of things.

Whether the rumours of Anelka joining Lazio have much substance has not been confirmed, but it would pretty much sum up the situation if he ended up at a club well-known for its history of far-right views (although it could very well be a journalist’s attempt at some form of satire).

Sometimes clubs have to get rid of their best players despite their wishes to keep them in order to not cause unrest within. But not when one of those players has seemingly made it clear that he wants to stay; as Shane Long did just before his transfer to Hull City.

At West Brom, it has often been the players pushing for a move, but the time they have an effective forward that does want to remain with them, they offload him. They not only ousted Long, but they sold him to a fellow relegation candidate that may very well be saved by his strikes at their expense. Madness.

All of these players got goals for Albion, but none of them were at the club for more than three years. Anelka looks like he will be gone soon and, going by this trend, it won’t be long before their current main front man, Saido Berahino, joins him. The question is: why is this a trend?


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