Travel Writing



I’ll be posting some of my travelling sheet on here and on Tumblr ( soon – maybe next week *cue high-pitched ‘oooOOOooohs’ from the crowd*. Was gonna start with Becontree/Beacontree ‘however it’s spelt’ Heath, but instead I’ll be posting about Hornchurch first.

The piece on that town is particularly big, and because it has footnotes, I think it’ll be better posting it at different points as footnotes on Tumblr gather at the bottom like drunks in a chicken shop. And look just as baffling.

If it turns into a book (would have the picture above as the cover at this moment, although that’s a fucking long way off) I imagine I’ll start and finish with Hornchurch and Romford; (hope you liked that semi-colon there) with the likes of Harold Hill, Dagenham, Barking and Ilford in between (probably). When or IF – depending on if I live that long – they’ve all been posted I may put them into one giant post.


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