Conversational Miss Herrings Part XIII

Mystic rum is tit warm with wanking ice for company/By the time I shit it out it will be cold/We’ve got placenta Jennie Ball coming up as the Bitter Black Sheep/Ovidiu Hategan leads the teams out at the Kinky Stadium/I talk to the car park after saying goodbye to the staff I like/Then journey into a mystical realm of sights and sounds: entering the world of The Duck Crystal/Via London Road through Chadwell Heath, Goonies, Seven Kings, Ilford/He’s got a spider on his tail/It’s a bad time of year for rouletting I would have thought with all that old shit about ‘‘only stopping till he comes’’/Will have to post some of my walking shits on here soon/Where I make reference to the Camden rapist/The police have come for the Ambulance protest movement in Soho/While the pigeon resides in Trafalgar Square, but not in Mr. Ken Livingstone’s hair/All You Need Is Lobe/My forehead is so bad/I remember you virginly/It’s my first time playing in London so I need a shit favour/For it is a very mouthy culture/Dad’ll probably watch that Elvis programme via ketchup on-demand tonight/Lovely to meet you at Hampstead Heath, all the pests for the future/You’re a charming chap with an eye for an ear plug/And if you fall arse over tit, don’t worry, beat yourself up and carry on/Rooney vows United can be top by New Year, but which of the teams they face by then will rip them up?/Harrods and cats to dip in the houmous to symbolise shit love/Loads of tofu/It’s all mind over fatter/And if you find a cheaper price I’ll come round and cut you myself/Put links to social newt working sites in article/Concerning the 2022 World Cup in guitars/Howdy to you! Are you still flitting between Westmonster and Dagenham?/When I’m there I lay my hat on your chest/Is ‘colonization’ a trashy fad or brilliant way to breathe life into historic images?/The disease that has invested Tower Hamlets/My horse came first in two racists/Nick Christie from the garden has come in to talk to us/He’s only 28 so his career is not Finnish yet.

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