Conversational Miss Herrings Part XI

If you’re gonna see a film on its opening day then that’s a woody candidate/I have my three meals a day plus excrement/Their flat actually looks like Christmas/He was my knight in shiting armour/”Glee” star Lea Michele spoke publicly, via a tweet, to fans for the first time since her boyfriend and castmate Cory Monteith finally overdosed on heroin/Phillips was at right-back until Baldock ran into an injury crisis before a game against Burnham Beeches; without which “I wouldn’t be shitting here talking to you now”/Chopra’s got a good chance in the long jump, and I fancy the knicker boys in the high jump/It’s a case of being three shy of a coconut while Princess Diana is raping a mule/Is it ‘Bring Me Sunshine’? No, it’s a liver song/The restaurant has ballet dancers, where’s the circus food?/Pan fried chicken breast severed with sautéed new potatoes and a mushroom and tarragon sauce/Best results cooked from forzen/But mobiles, ketchup, coffee, cola and even singing are all barred in the fiery Italian chef’s wacky world/He went to get some snake sauce/If you can’t play. Mange/You have proved to be a real human bean, and a real hero/Bought my guitar from cocaine Yang/President Obama says alligators of chemical weapons used in Syria is a ‘‘big event of grave concern’’ but he does not expect cooperation with President Assad based on previous experience/You just get a sieve and a wog to make fried chips/Cross the road for testis/The houses round here don’t charge for stab duty/Nicholas Anelka’s on concussionate leave/He’s a very fanny guy/You can get free gin in here/Are there terrorists outside?/I prefer using factor 50 salad cream to protect me from the sun/Hippo cast found 1881/There’s a sign for Lionel Bart house/Ease drive slowly/Mr. Jackson, who was an aide of Dr. King was him in the Memphis motel where he was assassinated in 1968/Make lusting memories with British Airways/Warehouse(Factory) operatives required for Basildon, Tilbury and Thurrock areas. Day and Night shifts available pay rate up to £7.00. If you are interesting or want to get more info please ring A1Personnel or send your cv to Ramune@a1personnel.co.uk/This gun’s for hire even if we’re just dancing in the dork/He’s out on the terrorist/The Silliness of the Hour: or Communion with God/The silliness of the hour is the silliness of a dead calm at sea/You know, it’s just selling an invisible product. It’s too easy. These questions about what happens when you die, and they’re so… They so freak people out that they will make up any story and cling to it. You know, things that they know can’t be true. People who are otherwise so rational about everything else. And then, they believe that, uh, on Sunday they’re drinking the blood of a 2,000-year-old god. I… I can’t… That’s a dissonance in my head. I can’t… I have to find out. I just have to find out. I have to try/Religion does no ham/Contact Paul Goddard through anal

Vikki Orifice

Written by Ricky Murray





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