Conversational Miss Herrings Part IX

Bananas give chase to summer BBOs/And the colours in/William Stryker – the only other man I know who can manipulate Adam Ant/He did the same as a manger in the 1990s/Double room to let in Hitler’s Green/Over half of us will have cancer by the next ad break/But where’s that ginger cat?/Post a bad AIDS/Someone metronomy on my head/She’s got pregnant arms/I don’t condom her actions/Wembley are facing a crisis over the re-spelling of their 10-year debenture seats/She beat Murray Sharapova/We’ll go out there and just give blow jobs/Think for your elf ‘cos I won’t be there with you/We’ll be at the Sky Sports gay bar later/The summer drink deals are here! 2 BOTTLES OF MAGNETS FOR £6/Why didn’t you tell me about her voice timbre? It’s male influenced/She committed a dog tree with her friend’s husband/I’m in the Morose Gallery in Tate Modern/She’s a lucky guy you know/The sun is shining with Paulo Nutini accelerating you/She’ll be mist/Tailor up my urinations/He buys his clothes from Marxists now/Goblins have fucked too much power in business including a Twitter assistant at Cricklewood Selco Trade Centre/Paul McCartney would play at the opening of an antelope/MURRAY KING OF QUEENS/Olla, signor, nice beard/Doctor Fuss Pot graduated from Harvard/I’m getting three cubs for my fire brigade badge that I studied before my arse college/I need a liver doughnut/My lighter’s out of gash/I’m the manliest man he knows as I’ve done an apprenticeship in Brick Lane/Try the tasty Ribena Pus range at the Hairy Boat Inn/And go sit on a boiler/You look a bit nervous shuffling and shitting about/You can save a cow, you can save all of them/’Bubble God Peas’ is on next/I saw a witch turn a dog into a frog/I take my exams at the Fishmonger Leisure Centre/I’ll have a plate of gips/Does she wanna know about your shoe theory?/You should do more sketches to loosen up/My friend was helping sell Pikachu outside Camden Town station/He wears a slut and he looks Chinese/Is that a cunt’s trick?/I can sprinkle my dreams away/But it may cost our elves and our hells/I’ve got a gig in three weeks so put it in your diarrhea/I begged my landlord for one more life/7.5ft Driver/Warehouse Operative required at the Rhino Refinery/Learning German with nostrils/Oh, you’ve brought more eyes to keep the beers cool…cool/We used to call you an orange slug/Is it a French flag or a duck’s flag turned upside down?/It was a successful drip/That’s some storm, eh? A regular tomato/Shake the trees and she will come.

Written by Ricky Murray





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