Conversational Miss Herrings Part VII

Ethnic tea, please/We have been commissioned to create by Onion Roasted Coffee/I need a voice due to the two relative breaks made by the crossing of Rue de Ravioli/But table manners and control of bodily functions are not confined to public ants and puddle ducks/New Girl is freezing up here in the car door experience/I’ve booked a funeral for Copywriting/Sushi looks like she’s running late for class/FREE ARTILLERY AND CRAFTS FEST!/Need a Perry’s sister to cut this bandage off/Jill’s got a plane to catch to Dagenham soon/She looks like Margaret Thatcher’s daughter, Darren Fletcher/Tonight’s music ho is the lost arc of keeping steak flicks/The waiters here are very propped for the lollipop that is colon flavour/You don’t make friends with salad/Turn right for the Jedward Gallery at the Natural History Museum/Scary mammals like people dressed up as lions/I was very close to getting sex from my job before joining uni/I went to London and died/It’s footballers’ Asians that are making them greedy/Still, it’s better than being a SAS / Orifice Insight & Analytics Lead-Insurance multinational/Urban clot has quickly become one of the finest managers in European football/Dribble on your hat because I iz black/Let’s play mock-down ginger/I’m starring to regret my choice of attire/The nest Songlab event is up/So I’ll meet you in the cube mariner where we will watch Evil Dead/I bought this stag in Brighton/Mine is in the genre of Ethic Fantasy/Have some fisherman’s drinkwater then hardcore porn my dissertation with overcrowding perfectionism/He tried to kill himself a lovely scene as my fellow cow worker and bus got pissed at a Christmas party/The Society of the Spectacle, the concise and remarkably cunt-free (or cunt-destroying, for that seems to be its effect) book of theory he published after 10 years of Situationist activity, begins with these lines: art and commas/Flâneur is here with a date at a canal sanctuary/Is it a gypsy leaf at the emergency piss-stop?/There could be a terrorist in the sewing machine centre/I feel crusty, as soon as the sun hits me tomorrow, I’m gonna dry up like a bloodclart semen monkey/It’s easier to walk from lots of queers to Euston/The 360 degree dangle that is designed to clean teeth and keep bread fresh/Brian Flynn led Donny to the League One title, but has stepped down to become editor of football/I managed to survive on grubs and puddle water until a kinky old gentleman picked me up/I want to fuck your breaks out/Baby, Hitler one more time/The planets of our solar system are incinerating like flaming lobes, Zigmond, like flaming lobes/So stay in, be bored, it’s crap by now.

Written by Ricky Murray






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