Conversational Miss Herrings Part VI

Look into my eyes/You will see Morecambe and Wise/Would I lie to you, babe/Would I lie to you/OH YEAH! eating around the bourbon, left with the icing, left with the thumb, sky diving is very getterish, you’re not the best tasting by any stench of the imagination, phone bananas, tuna champion, I think I remember the Chinese snail, FUCK TUITION FACES! I thought you were better at intimidating Irish accents, listen to the violence it’s beautiful, gay penguin star, a cockroach on its crack, remember your bottom of water, breed is the best buy, I’m on your Arian with moles of vagina to take on holiday, I don’t want to go to bed pregnant, this tastes naams, if I leave the window open I will get fresh nipples, Mister Call from you, ah, the fish is Satu, ah, gay God, I feel you could hold your own against posh elders, thumbs are great, I’ll have the shit cake mushroom, please, are you sick of my pride? there’s goldfishes with opposable thumbs in Buckhurst Hell, what he said sounded dickless, this shit’s very gay, The shoe on my feet (Alf Garnett)/The clothes I’m wearing (Alf Garnett)/The rock I’m rockin’ (Alf Garnett), wilting alarmingly in the face of Monty’s grim pressure, let me know when you are out of the curry bananas, have you seen Sam’s dog? The King’s Spleen features lots of stammering, Duck Skies: COMING SOON, he asked if werewolves were ill, I’ve got a semi today so could you laugh when I’m trying to be funny? Asda is well known for its red light district, I swear in my glasses, seeing Tottenham play Barnsley in the Europa League on Thursday, dip potatoes into squid cream & chive, have you got sexy hands? at death’s for, speaking to each other through staying, coffee affects your scummy, I grabbed a penis and dragged him across the street, this is an opportunity to type people a ‘cooler’ reason for hurting your hand, vagina is studying photography, lower the ship’s antler to stop us drifting away, I did recognise your thong, I eclipse in my hair, confused doesn’t mean shit, I love grateful juice, can you look outside and see if the squid is still there? Perhaps not in a court of flaw, meet girls at last at clicktonight.com, what raisin are you going to cut my hair with? whatever floats your Bombay rolls, run your penis through someone’s boobs, look it up in an urban dick show, he looks like a 12 year old thug with cancer, have a good trip! May it be filled with Technicolor sheep and blueberry pies, you’ve been warred.


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