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Should Sports Stars be Chastised for not Singing the National Anthem?

Wednesday 1st August 2012

Oh dear. In the land of supposed free speech and tolerance, we again have an assortment of idiotic naysayers who, it seems, feel like they are standing up for our ‘great’ country in slating footballers of Team GB who do not sing our antiquated National Anthem, ‘God Save the Queen’.

These cretins seem to forget that everyone has the right to remain silent, but the criticism that has been levelled at Welsh players such as Ryan Giggs and Craig Bellamy, and Scottish ones such as Kim Little of the Great Britain’s ladies’ side, has been nothing short of a disgrace. I typed an article on this subject last month here ( when the England football team had just come home from the European Championships held in Poland and the Ukraine. I wasn’t planning a ‘Part Two’, but I’ve been forced into it. Not as forced as those aforementioned players may feel in having to sing that song. 


  • Firstly, who cares (well, morons certainly do)? This is a sports event, not a singing competition.
  • ‘It brings solidarity to the team. To not sing it is out of keeping with the Olympic spirit,’ I hear them say about Kim Little’s lack of commitment in uttering some words in a melodious style before playing a game of footy ball. Well, I wouldn’t say that the lyric, ‘‘rebellious Scots to crush,’’ is very spirited in bringing our two nations together would you? It’s mean-spirited, yes. Do they suppose that this ‘rebellious’ Scot, Kim Little, who has or will not sing, should be ‘crushed’ then?
  • ‘Silent protest’? Maybe they’re just shy. Despite all the glares that are on footballers, singing in public is still a personal taboo amongst many people.
  • As I stated in last month’s article, maybe, just maybe players have opinions about subjects other than football, money, women and fast cars. They may not agree with the Monarchy as an institution for a kick off.

There are obviously many problems and grievances that arise from having ‘God Save the Queen’ as England and Britain’s National Anthem, so maybe it’s about time we had a serious debate about changing it. Maybe it’s the subject matter of the song that many people take issue with. It is supposed to be a piece representing a nation, but it is instead sang in tribute to a figurehead that many people do not feel emotionally affiliated with. Does this mean we force our athletes to sing it against their will? And if they still do not agree, do we ostracise them from sporting society? If you think we should do that then ‘‘CONGRATULATIONS’’, you’re a FASCIST!

Why can’t critics just stop moaning about players not singing jollily to some sycophantic old song and let them be? If they want to sing it, they can, and if they don’t, they don’t. GET OVER IT! Just let them get on with the sport that they love, that might bring a bit of pride to us as a nation rather than focus on whether they sing before their participation. As long as they don’t disgrace themselves on the field of play by intentionally killing someone or biting off the ear – or any other part of the body – of an opponent or team-mate, then what’s the problem?

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